We Propagate Plants!

High Quality Liners

We specialize in propagating all manner of plants, including specialty or hard to grow varietals. We use the highest quality starter plant material and take cutting from healthy stock and discriminating varieties.

Our plants are fully rooted into their containers and have flushed at least once to produce a quality, consistent product. Many of our plants are double-stuck for a higher quality product. We hand-sort at time of shipment.

Various Sizes Available

Hand Inspected

Most of our plants are potted into 1 or 2 gallon pots though more vigorous varieties can go directly into a 3 gallon pot.

Some varieties will finish in six months, though most finish in less than twelve months.

Since 2004

Plants Propagating in Medium

We are a wholesale nursery located on 10 ½ acres in the rolling hills of rural Granville County, North Carolina. We are family owned and operated by Matt and Debbie Clark, their two children, and no-count dog.

Matt & Debbie are both North Carolina State University graduates in Horticulture with combined experience of over 26 years in the landscape and nursery professions. Facilities include heated Quonset greenhouses, cold frames, outdoor growing beds and a bottom heat system. We currently have three mist houses and four finishing houses.


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